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What is Muzyk Zone?

Muzyk Zone is an online platform that offers professional expertise to create an online talent profile or portfolio. There are many talented people who do not know how to market their talent and create their own talent profile or portfolio that is always required and requested during the audition casting. We at Muzyk Zone are going to do this for you. We are going to create a professional online personalized web page for you that you can share with all talent or booking agents. Muzyk Zone will also exhibit your talent and be discovered by different talent agencies, booking agents, executives and labels in the entertainment industry worldwide.

Why is there a Monthly Fee for Membership?

Creating a personalized webpage, designing the profile, hosting your webpage, an online platform that will feature you as a Talent of the Month, and connect you with booking agents will cost you a lot of money, time of creation and effort to be discovered if you do it by yourself. So we make it easy for you. All of this will be offered by Muzyk Zone at a very affordable and reasonable price. 

How do I confirm my application has been processed after I have paid my membership fee?

Upon submitting the registration form, you will receive a receipt of your membership fee and we will evaluate your profile 5-10 business days. We will check the quality of your photos, videos or audio that you have uploaded to the website. You will receive e-mails from Muzyk Zone asking for your approval on the design and appearance of your online profile.

What file formats are acceptable for uploading my photos and track?

For digital audio and video files your track must be no longer than six minutes in length and can be uploaded using one of the following formats:

     Link to YouTube Video

     Link to Vimeo Video

     .MP3 / .MP4

For your photos we accept a high-resolution pictures with the following formats:

    .jpeg, jpg




How does a Talent Account differ from a Talent Finder Account?

> The Talent Account is for an individual or group of talent who would like to have a talent profile or portfolio online. This profile/portfolio is viewable for Talent Finders and Booking Agents.

> The Talent Finder Account is designed for individuals, agencies, executives, labels and event organizers who need talent for their specific projects or events.

Can anyone can view my profile and information I post in Muzyk Zone?

We take steps to ensure that no other talent may access your profile. Your profile will only be visible if you share the link and apply to a booking agency or talent finder for a project opportunity.

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